Are you interested in buying fresh, tasty quality food from the Maastricht region?

By joining Farmers & Neighbours Maastricht you can order online and receive a selection of fine products directly from local farmers. Every week there is a lot on offer: vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, dairy, bread, mushrooms, honey, granola, coffee, jam, fruit drinks -even beer! Farmers & Neighbours promotes a short food supply chain -better for you and the environment, better for the farmer, who receives a fair price. We prefer food produced in a sustainable way, as ecologically as possible. Some 25 farmers and producers are now participating in Farmers & Neighbours Maastricht -and new participants are joining regularly. When you pick up your order from our convenient locations in town you can meet them -and discover how to enjoy food while supporting local agriculture.

To view the selection of products, sign up and order, go to : https://boerenenburen.nl/nl/assemblies/9218 -for western Maastricht https://boerenenburen.nl/nl/assemblies/11316 -for eastern Maastricht

Every Wednesday you can collect your order at these locations: -for the eastern part of Maastricht: Theresiaschool, President Rooseveltlaan 213, 6224 CP/from 5.00 – 6.00 pm -for the western part of Maastricht: Natuurtuinen Jekerdal, Drabbelstraat 7, 6212 XL/from 7.00 – 8.30 pm

Onze missie

Een korte voedselketen mogelijk maken. Dit is beter voor het milieu, gezonder voor de consument en de boer/producent ontvangt een eerlijke prijs.

Any questions? Contact F & N coordinator Yvonne Velthuis at: maastrichtbuurderij@gmail.com

Hope to see you soon!

Buurderij Verantwoordelijke,
Yvonne Velthuis.